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Precious Metals

Here at Long's Pawn and Jewelry, we buy and sell all kinds of precious metals and silver and gold coins.

Do you have old, worn out, or broken jewelry? Why not trade it in for cash and put that money towards some of the fine discounted jewelry we have here at Metro Pawn? We buy and sell 10, 14, 18, 21, 22, and 24 carat gold jewelry.

We also buy and sell gold coins, commemorative or collectible coins, and any other gold items you might have. Maybe it’s silver you’re interested in. We also buy and sell silver coins and silver flatware. Or, to put it in Spanish, “Compramos oro!”

Long's Pawn and Jewelry Winston Salem NC. Our inventory is constantly changing, so don’t delay! Please check out our merchandise in the photo gallery below.

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Looking to Sell, Buy, Pawn Precious Metals.   Stop By Today.       Experienced!
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